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In need of Instructor in Ref & Air-con Technology:   * have undergone training on TM II * holder of at least NC II in RAC Servicing * be of good moral character * be computer literate * at least one year teaching experience ----> Contacts: Tel No. 7339822, Mobile No. 09095001478, e-mail ad: collegeguzman@yahoo.com    |   We offer 8-hour Seminar on 3R's for RAC-Technician on Saturdays only --- For inquiries please contact 733-98-66
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      Don Zacarias P. De Guzman sowed the seeds of the Guzman Educational System on October 11, 1947, when he founded “Safe Driving Institute” along Recto Avenue. Driven by a selfless dedication to serve the poorest of the poor through equal educational opportunities, the school opened with eight students. Less than a year later, the institute relocated to a small but modest building in front of the Central Market.

      It was not long after, however that the founder’s noble mission spread, necessitating not only an expansion of the school’s facilities, but also in its array of courses. In 1949, the name of the school was changed to “International Automotive and Diesel Institute” to reflect the new short term Vocational-Technical courses that has been added. Sharing in this endeavour were Mr. Villar, the Director of Motor Vehicles, Capt. De Guzman of the Manila Police Department, Mr. Rizal Fabian, and Ex-Mayor Aure of Bulacan, who composed the pioneering batch of instructors.

      The success of these early efforts not only brought some fulfilment to Don Zacarias, but the realization as well that only the total development of the Filipino can his full potential be attained. Aware that such a development can only be made possible in a full-fledged school. Don Zacarias founded Guzman Institute of Technology in 1950. Soon after, a sister school, Guzman Institute of Fashion was established to cater to the needs of female clientele.

      The ever increasing enrolment soon necessitated the construction of a six storey building in the heart of Quiapo, Manila. The year 1960 saw the transfer of the school to this new site and the opening of additional courses including Secondary Education in 1968, another sister school, Guzman Institute of Electronics, was established at the old Cinerama Building to meet the demands of the then sunrising electronics industry. It eventually transferred to the more spacious Ramon Roces along Soler in Quiapo.

      The early Martial Law years in the seventies, however did not spare the Guzman Institutions from Floundering. Among measures undertaken at this critical period of uncertainty were the engagement of Mr. Carmelon of the Bureau of Vocational Education as Supervisor, and the appointment of Mr. Jose Santos, Director of Vocational and Technical Courses, as Vice-President. It was during their term that the Two-Year Technical Courses were introduced to supplement the regular courses then being offered, and in anticipation of an economic recovery.

      The recovery came in sight in 1980 under the presidency of Mr. Bonier de Guzman. The sudden surge of demand for technical manpower abroad brought in an unprecedented enrolment. This resurgence was a fitting tribute to the founder, Don Zacarias who died in 1983.

      The awakening of the economy starting at this time also brought about opportunities in other careers, and wrought its toll on the school’s administrative line-up. In 1991, Dr. Pedro L. Esteban, a retired director of the Bureau of Technical-Vocational Education, assumed the position of Dean of Administration. It was Dr. Esteban who re-aligned the mission and mandate of Guzman Institute of Technology to its present concentration on Technical-Vocational Education.

      It was on December 30, 1992, that a fire razed the Quiapo 6-storey building to the ground. While make-shift rooms were set up in its aftermath, the paltry facilities adversely affected the school’s enrolment in the ensuing terns.

      While Guzman Institute of Technology was reeling from the effects of this unfortunate incident, its sister school Guzman Institute of Electronics, took up the cudgels to keep the founder’s mission and pioneering spirit alive. It opened its Guzman Institute of Agriculture & Technology in Pinugay, Baras, Rizal in 1993, and its Dasmariñas, Cavite branch in 1994.

      Not to be outdone, and undaunted by the disaster that befell it, Guzman Institute of Technology under its President Mr. Bonier de Guzman, started to build on the ruins of the old building. An imposing four-storey building rose in 1995 to which Guzman Institute of Electronics was also relocated in 1996. This consolidation of resources paved the way for the elevation of the institute into its present Guzman College of Science & Technology.

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